Rubi Health

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                        Improving Lives Through Innovative Technology

In Africa, many women die due to postpartum depression, cervical and breast cancer predisposed by lack of timely access to lifesaving intervention. This is highly attributed to Long Distances for services such as:

•    Medical Consultation

•    Timely access to diagnostics and Medicine delivery services for those living with the depression or with cancers

•    Laboratory results interpretation 

•    Referral, among others.

As a social venture, we know how important it is to make an impact with the work we do. Our mission is to provide high-quality, client-centered, affordable digital health intervention to mothers and their babies at the highest standards.. We believe that at the heart of impact are two elements – the people you make an impact on and the data needed to measure it.

Rubi Health provides innovative tools and services to clinics, frontline health workers and individuals looking to make an impact – on their beneficiaries especially women, with their work and in the world.

                                                                        Our Services


In partnership with clinics, maternities, and Primary care centers, Rubi Health has established mental health consultation platform called 'E-HUBS'  within local entities that provides women with access to quality mental healthcare consultation by connecting them to doctors via a nurse assisted video conference. Patients can visit a Rubi Health E-Hubs: where a trained and trusted health worker connects them to qualified: clinicians and specialists using video consultation and electronic medical records systems.


Rubi Health has partnered with Chil Uganda combining medical expertise, Artificial intelligence and machine learning to come up with ‘KETI’ an AI powered platform that has automated oncology consultations. KETI provides personalized symptom assessments in real-time. Once a user shares their symptoms, KETI asks a series of questions, parsing through infinite symptom combinations and thousands of possible conditions.The platform is aimed at helping every Woman gain access to self-testing services at the comfort of their homes.


Rubi Health self-testing kit is non-infrared and they are used by women to collect the cervical cancer specimen themselves. A woman removes that top cover with clean hands, inserts the Kit in her private and press the button at the end of the kit. This collects the specimen. The woman can then cover it with and is sent to the to our Partner Laboratory. Three days a woman get her results through KETI with an interpretation made by Keti.