Rubi Health

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We are an excellence minded people, setting standard in healthcare software development

                Our technology solutions blend people, process, and technology to deliver integrated and collaborative quality care.

We come to work every day because it’s our mission to support access to and delivery of high-quality clinical care to any patient at any time, while reducing overall costs of care. At Rubi Health, our team is devoted to leveraging our combined experiences to make the world a healthier, better place to live by reimagining how patients access care and how health systems deliver care.

With next-generation technology and the highest satisfaction rates in the industry, we’re committed to helping you bring world-class care to every patient, no matter where they may be.


With nearly one in five African having a mental health condition, reduce the barriers to care with the RubiHealth Behavioral Health Solution.

By leveraging behavioral telehealth, you’ll enable immediate access to mental health specialists to shorten time to treatment, drive best practices, and improve outcomes.

With solutions like telepsychiatry, you can bring mental health services directly to patients wherever they are – at home, the emergency department, outpatient locations, or inpatient facilities.


Alongside front-line health care workers and the Nigerian Ministry of Health, Rubi Health is creating Nigeria’s first point-of-care digital health record. This digital health record, called E-Reco, gives nurses the tools they need to adopt evidence-based clinical care protocols, provide high quality care and utilize real-time data trends to both tailor health education to individual family needs and to improve the health care delivery system while simultaneously satisfying Nigeria Ministry of Health data reporting requirements.


We know it can be difficult to hire and retain specialists to deliver every type of care your patients require. With specialists available for either acute or inpatient services lines, Rubi Health Physician Capacity Management (PCM) offers additional support to assist you in enhancing the quality and standard of your care. 

Fill physician coverage gaps and enhance your virtual care programs with providers experienced in delivering quality care remotely. Available either around-the-clock or nights and weekends, we provide support when you need it most.

Our diverse collection of physician specialties, including cardiology, neurology, behavioral health, and critical care, can supplement your existing coverage with flexible options and turnkey workflows that work for you – starting day one. Seek new medical opportunities and augment your existing specialty service lines with RubiHealth PCM.