Rubi Health

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We are RubiHealth

Rubi Health is a global health company founded by Nurses, technologist, doctors, scientists, and industry experts to create new prospect for global healthcare. Rubi Health’s core operations connect medical knowledge with 21st centuries technology to help all individuals and organizations actively manage their health and medical professionals to deliver effective care.

Our Mission

We are passionate about achieving our mission of enabling everyone to live healthier, longer, happier lives no matter their income levels. We seek to achieve this mission through a three-pronged strategy:

Training of Trainers

Nurses and doctors are trained on Human Centered Design Approach, Communication, and caregiver engagement

Delightful Content

Medical professionals co-create culturally appealing multi-media contents that put caregiver at the center of healthcare delivery


Families are connected to a technology support system to receive health content and have questions answered at home