RubiHealth partners with leading Healthcare entities across Nigeria, and Africa.

       We provide high quality clinicians (prescribers and non-prescribers), who deliver tele-health services via a secure, WebRTC enabled video platform. 

A basic piece of our model is inserting clinicians inside patients' current human services groups. The patient sees a similar clinician amid every one of their visits. This shared consideration approach gives coherence of consideration and is fundamental to improving patient results.

                 Our experienced clinicians are coordinated into your current work processes and procedures

Electronic health record

Our clinicians can be setup to chart directly into your EHR, write prescriptions, and order labs directly within your system.


Our clinicians work as part of your care team and integrate into your existing process. They are trained on your unique systems and procedures, making it easy for your complete clinical team to provide a seamless patient experience.


Our clinicians are scheduled weekly to ensure that patients are able to see the same clinician throughout their treatment.